Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hi. Assalamualaikum. So, its all started yesterday with a twitter trends saying 'No to KPOP ' . So here is my opinion.
In my point of view, MUSIC HAS NO LANGUANGE BARRIER. MUSIC IS JUST MUSIC.The same thing when people listens to an american songs and didnt understand it but keep listening to it. You see, as a music lover at some point you must hve thought at least once tht one foreign song sounds so good to you and you keep repeating it. And you end up liking it. Even worse when you even search for others related songs. So yeah...Same thing cause it has been so addictive to you. Im not saying that i like it or not but if ones dont like it then, dont make a fuss about it. I wont deny that kpop has gotten to another level and getting attention from all over the globe.Didnt understand what they are saying?Have you heard of the word translation? Dont simply judge something without any knowledge about it. So yeah. To make it simple, dont underestimate any artist. Cause i find its disrespectful for ones to judge others music taste/favour. For an example, people are hating you just because you like to eat popcorn. Same thing when people are hating because you like The Kooks or Foo Fighters or Slipknot or even Pierce The Veil. Dude,thts unfair and didnt make sense. Same thing. It is your choice.  Choose your own favourable music genre. I mean like who are we to judge.Cause the most important thing is,we need to RESPECT OTHERS TO GAIN RESPECT.

Love x

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